VFA Classes

VFA Discover

Ages 6-7 and 8-9

I want to let the children enjoy football in a ‘local park’ environment where I first found my love for the game. I will be using fun and engaging games to teach kids the basics of football.  Children are encouraged to discover their own football identity and skill through trial and error.

VFA Skill

Ages 10 -11 and 12-13

Working on fundamental skills, such as the first touch, which is the base of everything.  We will guide all techniques to help improve efficiency. My view is there is no one way of doing a single action, it’s the one that work for you.  Learning is taken place through trial and error, encouraging players to problem solve.

VFA Game Time

Ages 13-14 and 14-15

Positioning based games to put into practice and further develop football awareness, decision making under pressure and skills.  Teach position specific tactics to make players more efficient and proactive.

VFA Performance

Small groups or individuals

In a positive and transparent environment, I will fine tune players and give them a taste of what it’s like to be a professional footballer.  After identifying areas of improvement together, I will provide exercises, advice and training to help players develop.  Players will measure their own performances by defining performance and family values. This aspect aims to improve mental strength on and off the football field.  VFA performance also includes a post assessment for players to work on during their club training sessions.

VFA Culture and leadership Discussion

Corporates and Schools

We spend majority of our lives in school and at work. I believe any environment we are in should be a great one, a place where we can thrive. My discussions address leadership styles, and obstacles in sport and life. I discuss values and how to use them to improve performance and make us better people. I have made a career out of getting the best out of people around me and being the hardest worker in the room and now I intend to pass that knowledge on.  My talk is an open discussion, where questions and opinions are welcomed. The discussion topics can vary depending on the desired outcomes.